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Food & Dining in Switzerland


The city of Zurich is beloved by tourists, business people and locals alike for its intriguing history, thriving economy, and alpine location. From a culinary point of view, Zurich also has a lot to offer.

Apart from the traditional Swiss food that dominates the city's restaurant scene, a range of other international cuisine can be sampled throughout the city. Italian and French restaurants are especially popular, and Asian restaurants are becoming increasingly common.

The influence of the three different countries that border Switzerland – Italy to the south, France to the west, and Germany to the north and east – can all be tasted in Swiss cuisine. Those who enjoy dipping dishes such as cheese fondue and raclette, both heavily influenced by French cuisine, regularly visit Le Dézaley. For sliced veal, a classic dish from Zurich, the restaurant Veltlinerkeller or the Zunfthaus zur Waag come highly recommended.

Italian cuisine is very popular throughout Switzerland and enjoys an excellent reputation. As is to be expected, Italian restaurants abound in Zurich with Casa Ferlin among the finest.

French flavours are an integral part of the Zurcher cuisine. Those with a penchant for seafood will feel right at home at A l'Opera, especially the trout dishes. For a night out with good company and great food, visit Brasserie Lipp, where the seating arrangements encourage chatting among neighbours. Connoisseurs meet at the first-rate Riesbächli, undoubtedly the city’s most exquisite French restaurant.

Flavours from the Far East are well represented in this part of Switzerland. For Chinese specialities, the Hong Kong Chinoise and Entehuus are always worth a visit. Sukhothai is said to have the best Thai food this side of Thailand, and if you want to sample some Japanese cooking, try Sala of Tokyo.

No culinary trip would be complete without something sweet to seal the deal. Thankfully, the Swiss have a way with their chocolate. At Sprüngli you can indulge in some world-class chocolate mousse and if you are in the mood for some decadent hot chocolate, look no further than Conditorei Café Schober.


With over 1,000 restaurants, Geneva and the surrounding area are hardly lacking in places to dine. While Swiss, French and Italian restaurants are seemingly everywhere, the city's ethnic groups have contributed towards the growing diversity in cuisine originating from other cultures. The recent explosion in sushi bars in Geneva is just one example of increasing demand for the exotic and a broader choice of dining establishments. Despite the multitude of options symptomatic of this trend, it becomes increasingly more challenging to identify quality restaurants. The good news is that there are many culinary treasures to discover, from award-winning Michelin restaurants to sleek contemporary bistros and rowdy local cafes.

For local Swiss cooking, the noisy but welcoming Café du Soleil is located away from the usual tourist haunts and serves an appetizing range of fondues, raclettes and other standard Swiss fare. The restaurant Les Armures in the Old Town is a step up on the glamour and price scale but also focuses mainly on Swiss regional cuisine.

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